• Lead a Rich Life

    It is not enough to be wealthy. The challenge is to Lead a Rich Life.

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  • Lead a Rich Life

    We are a team of professionals who specialize in the emotional impact of money on individuals, couples, and families.

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  • Lead a Rich Life

    The smartest investment you can make is to develop a healthy approach to your wealth - for yourself and for your family.

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CouplesWe serve clients through important stages and transitions in life as they seek to be more confident and competent with their money and relationships, including: Inheritors, Women, Couples, Blended Families, Members of a Family Business and Leaders of Foundations and Non-Profits.

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adviseEvery financial decision a client makes has an emotional component. If these are not addressed then you may be challenged by documents going unsigned and important decisions being avoided. We work collaboratively with advisors, to help your clients overcome the obstacles that may be standing in the way of their desired outcomes.

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speakEmily and Jamie are engaging, sought after speakers. Fueled by passion and commitment, their presentations are not only information packed, but interactive, practical, and impactful.

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Family Business Consulting at Wealth Legacy GroupWealth Legacy Group is committed to assisting family businesses in successfully navigating the complex issues, and the difficult conversations and decisions family business owners face in building sustainability or when contemplating selling the business.

Our consultant team helps family businesses design governance structures by proactively developing alignment and policies amongst family members. When your ready to transition leadership and ownership of your family business, we specialize in bridging the challenging family dynamics that often accompany a major change, so that there is an experience of greater trust, communication, and respect amongst all family members.

We also collaborate with advisors skilled in a myriad of other exit-planning concerns related to succession and strategic planning, financial and estate planning and management, and assisting you with your business valuation.

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advisePhilanthropy is one of the most meaningful and valuable ways to incorporate your values with how your money is utilized in the world. At WLG we are committed to empowering our clients in leveraging their resources to have the greatest impact – in ways that are true to your values and causes.

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adviseWealth Legacy Group (WLG) specializes in capturing legacies for families and for organizations in a way that honors the past, celebrates the present, and furthers the vision for future generations. We work collaboratively with clients and their advisors to bring a depth of context and relevance to our work through interviews, trained analyses, and historical referencing.

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New at WLG

Family Business Consulting


WLG consultant Jim Rappaport awarded Certificate in Family Business Advising

WLG Consultant, Jim Rappaport, has been awarded the FFI GEN (Global Education Network) Certificate in Family Business Advising (CFBA) by the Family Firm…
Emily Bouchard - Wealth Legacy Group Managing Partner

Family Transitions Specialist Emily Bouchard named faculty member of Exit Planning Institute

Managing partner, Emily Bouchard joined the faculty of the Exit Planning Institute in August of 2015. She presents on “Family Business Transitions” as part of…