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Given that you’re visiting this page, chances are ...


  • You put off the prenup conversation as long as you can;

  • You attempted to talk about a prenup a few times and it hasn’t gone well so you’re looking for a new approach, or

  • You just learned from your fiance that you two need to discuss a prenup and you’re looking for resources to help you understand what this means and why you need one.

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  • You want to better assist your clients in navigating the prenup process successfully;

  • You have some concerns about how the prenup conversation is going (or not going) for your clients and you want support; or

  • You work collaboratively and want to have a less adversarial approach to prenups

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No matter how you got here, we are here to help!

Why is the HOW so important?

The Purposeful Prenups Project includes a book, a couples’ retreat, and an advisor training all designed to show you HOW to have emotionally challenging conversations effectively. This project will shore up the foundation of your marriage, so that you know -- no matter what -- you’ve got what it takes to stay connected, stay committed, and stay in love.

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Where to start:

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We are collecting questions and stories from people like you who are looking for answers. We will respond directly to you, giving you tips, resources and recommendations.

Questions we will answer in Purposeful Prenups book include:
  • We seem to start off okay, but then the conversation gets heated and tense. How can we stop being so emotionally reactive?
  • How do I tell him about my need for a prenup without hurting him?
  • She gets offended and defensive when I bring up money, what do I do?
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Experiences the book will highlight include:

A couple in their thirties with only 8 weeks before their wedding were at a total standstill in their prenup negotiations. They were fiscal unequals where she was an inheritor and he was challenged with debt. Their commitment to each other was challenged by their completely different perspectives about money.

A couple in their sixties had very different expectations regarding living together and their future. He transitioned his family business and wanted to travel more. She was a consultant who was at the peak of her career and was building her retirement. They needed a cohabitation agreement that met both of their needs.

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