Antidote to Holiday Dread: How to Communicate Across the Great Divide

Are you dreading the holidays given the current political climate? Are you anticipating conflict ruining your family fun? If so, this article is for you!

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Blended Family Back to School Budgeting

[NOTE: This article first appeared in Emily Bouchard's "On the Money" column in StepMom Magazine]

September signifies the end of summer, the beginning of school routines, and great opportunities for life lessons regarding spending and choices. For those of you who are already in the swing of school, with an early August start date, this column will give you great ideas for next year, as well as a chance to evaluate what worked and what you’d like to improve in the future.

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Father's Day Advice for Dads in Stepfamilies

wlg couples[Note: This article by Emily Bouchard first appeared in StepMom Magazine]

As I went to my computer to begin to write an article for the Father’s Day issue of StepMom Magazine, I wondered what topic I would choose.  I checked my email before beginning to write and had the following request waiting for me from a stepdad, sent from his smartphone:

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Gandolfini's Wake Up Call for Blended Families Explored on the Radio

Managing Partner of Wealth Legacy Group, Emily Bouchard, was interviewed by Kerry Lutz at the Financial Survival Network on the importaFSNnce of sound blended family estate planning. During this brief, informative interview, Emily and Kerry relate real life stories of what to do and what not to do, and the ramifications on beneficiaries when they aren't included in the estate planning process. Listen Now

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Domestic Partnerships and Non-Traditional Families - What you Need to Know

Terrance Heath - 320

The Wealth Psychology Show with Emily and Dr. Jamie focuses on the emotional side of domestic partnerships with our guest, family law attorney, Terrance C. Heath, of Heath-Newton, LLP.  You can learn more about this show and others at Sylvia Global.

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