Winter Solstice Revisited: Bringing new light to the darkest day of the year

Winter Solstice Revisited: Bringing new light to the darkest day of the year

With this being the Winter Solstice, I wanted to brighten your day — and maybe help spark your creativity — by sharing a ritual I created when I was a new stepmother.

Shining a Light on the Darkest Day of the Year

In my blended family, Christmas Day was particularly stressful, as my stepdaughters wanted to physically be with both of their parents at the same time. Their mother was more attached to being with her girls on Christmas day, so their father and I worked around her need. We wanted to create a ritual that would be satisfying and would not conflict with what anyone else wanted.

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How Values Can Help Blend Your Family

[Note: this article orginially appeared in StepMom Magazine by Emily Bouchard]

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