Antidote to Holiday Dread: How to Communicate Across the Great Divide

Are you dreading the holidays given the current political climate? Are you anticipating conflict ruining your family fun? If so, this article is for you!

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How Does your Personality Impact your Spending Habits?

spending habitsEmily Bouchard, managing partner of WLG, was interviewed for an article looking at common "money personalities". In the article, the five money personalities described are:

  • Optimists
  • Conservatives
  • Risk Takers
  • Thinkers
  • Emotional Spenders

Here's an excerpt from the "Thinkers" section: 

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Financial Therapy: Addressing the Rich Stigma and Hostile Envy

Excerpt from article in Comstock Magazine:Comstock Ben Franklin crying

The Rich Stigma

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Is Our Culture Suffering From 'Affluenza?': Shifting the Cultural Conversation about Wealth

meteorWealth Legacy Group's founder and wealth psychologist, Dr. Jamie Traeger-Muney, is a featured expert on the HuffPost Live show.

HuffPost's Third Metric seeks to redefine success beyond money and power. 'Affluenza' has been used to describe the contagious pursuit of wealth in our society. But how does it affect us psychologically and influence our daily lives?

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Wealth Psychology featured in Wall Street Journal

wsjMoneyMagThe (Wealth) Doctor Is In

Wealth psychologists tug at a host of money issues typically avoided by financial advisers. Does it work?

The founder and director of Wealth Legacy Group, Jamie Traeger-Muney, is featured in this weekend's WSJ Money Magazine's article on the use of wealth psychology to address the emotional, qualitative side of wealth in people's lives.  We also want to congratulate our newest member of the WLG team, Kathleen Thurmond, for sharing her experience of the RichLife Portfolio so openly in the article.

ON A RAINY afternoon in an affluent neighborhood in San Francisco, a small klatch of baby boomers is gathered in a comfortably elegant living room, deep-breathing in unison and wiggling their fingers and toes. For nearly two days, they've been immersed in a workshop run by two veteran therapists—and emotions have been getting intense. One participant, overwhelmed by the discussions, slumps in her chair, complaining of a headache and focusing problems (hence the group's breathing exercise). When a former CEO is guided through a family-history exercise, she discovers a long line of ancestors who were made to feel—cue the aha moment—less than adequate... READ ENTIRE ARTICLE

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Impact Investing: What you Need to Know with Deb Wetherby

Deb Wetherby photo copyThere are many ways your dollars can make a statement in the world and make a difference.

Along with charitable and philanthropic giving, more and more people are becoming interested in "Impact Investing" - where you invest your money in intentional ways that express your values.  Impact investing, also known as "socially responsible investing", is in greater demand, and there are more ways than ever before to have your dollars make a positive difference while also making a decent return on your investment.

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Entitled or Empowered? How to Make the Most of your High End Travel Experience

Holly KeynotesOn our Aug. 20th Wealth Psychology show,  we interview Holly Stiel about her latest book: "How to get the best out of your hotel concierge A to Z". While there are many ways of interfacing and interacting with the people whose role it is to be of assistance to us, there are ways to go about it that will bring you the best results, and may further your experience in ways beyond what you initially thought.

Holly is a renowned expert in the field of hotel hospitality and she's revealing to us how to move in more effective and empowered ways when interacting with service professionals -- especially the concierge.

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Gandolfini's Wake Up Call for Blended Families Explored on the Radio

Managing Partner of Wealth Legacy Group, Emily Bouchard, was interviewed by Kerry Lutz at the Financial Survival Network on the importaFSNnce of sound blended family estate planning. During this brief, informative interview, Emily and Kerry relate real life stories of what to do and what not to do, and the ramifications on beneficiaries when they aren't included in the estate planning process. Listen Now

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Wall Street Journal

Emily Bouchard, managing partner of Wealth Legacy Group, is quoted in the Aug. 3, 2013 edition of the Wall Street Journal in Kelly Greene's article on Gandolfini's will as it relates to Blended Family estate planning. Excerpt: Treating your children differently. As part of his estate plan, Gandolfini left a large life-insurance policy to his son in a trust that shields it from tax. His will doesn’t refer to a similar arrangement for his young daughter, says Emily Bouchard, managing partner of Wealth Legacy Group in San Rafael, Calif. Of course, Gandolfini could have left documents that aren’t public that could explain the discrepancy. Still, “he’s done something in his estate plan that might have been fair, but not equal,” Bouchard told Greene. “It creates questions in the minds of the children, ‘Did he care more about him than me?’ When there’s a void of information, you fill it with the worst-case scenario.” Read more at MarketWatch...


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Inheriting an Unexpected Windfall - Protect Yourself from Losing it

town and countryWhile boarding a plane to Orange County I stood behind a man who looked like Santa Claus who had just stepped off a Harley, with his Marine Veterans cap and rough look in his eyes. During our brief interaction, he shared with me that he had traveled from North Carolina with a one way ticket to pick up his wife’s inheritance of $2 million from her 84 year old sister. His plan was to collect the money, deposit it in a bank at the airport, and then use some of the money to purchase his ticket home.  He explained that he lived on $700/month and didn’t have the cash on hand to pay for his flight on his own.

I was perplexed and a bit dismayed if his story was actually true. I quickly acknowledged him for telling me, and strongly recommended that he not tell anyone else what he was up to. I then did my best to caution him, telling him that without the right preparations and planning, that money would likely be gone within 19 months. He laughed me off, telling me he knew all about that statistic and that he didn’t plan on being like one of those fools. Then he proceeded to tell me all the things he was going to spend the money on, and I listened as my heart sank, knowing what lay ahead for him.

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Back by Popular Demand!! The Dreaded PreNup - Why it Can be Good for your Relationship


Join us for Wealth Psychology with Emily and Dr. Jamie as we explore the emotional impact of prenups.

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Elective Breast Removal: True Wealth Begins with Physical Health

angelinaThis week Angelina Jolie stunned the world by revealing she elected to have a double mastectomy prophylactically.   A woman of great wealth on every level -- stardom, financial affluence, famous, gorgeous husband, thriving family and humanitarian engagement, and who has made her money on her acting ability and her gorgeous, powerful, feminine look and body -- Jolie focused on the most vital area of wealth: PHYSICAL HEALTH

Given medical technology's ability to predict odds of getting cancer in the future, she elected to remove the tissue most likely to generate the potentially deadly disease.

She opted to hedge her bets towards longevity and continuing to build a lasting legacy.
She understands our favorite quote: "No body, nobody."

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Money Patterns Revealed: Understanding Money Habits and Behaviors that Keep Repeating

moneymagiccoverJoin us to learn more about why you keep repeating the same conversations, arguments, mistakes, or having the same challenges when it comes to money in your life.

In 2004, I started working with families on the successful transitioning of wealth from one generation to the next.

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Exploring the Reality of Real Estate Investing

Exploring the Reality of Real Estate Investing with Emily Bouchard of Wealth Legacy Group

This show is inspired by a 60 year old widow who recently shared with us that she is seriously looking into real estate as a way to invest the cash from her husband’s life insurance policy. We’ve invited an expert with over 30 years of experience to tackle this topic head on – we don’t want her, or anyone else, to be taken advantage of by hype and schemes in the real estate investment world.

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Facing Transitions from a Place of Abundance!



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Women and Financial Advisors - How to Work Better Together

KBK  KBKBookWomen

Are you one of the many women we encounter daily who are dissatisfied with the service they get from their financial advisers?

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Guardians and Trustees: When and How to Prepare Beneficiaries

Cycle of the Gift Cover

During our interview with authors and wealth psychology professionals, Keith Whitaker and Susan Massenzio, we received listener questions related to the impact of gift giving on inheritors.  We ran out of time before we could respond to the following question on air - here's the question and our response:

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Women on Corporate Boards – What it Takes and Why it’s Important


During this special segment of the Wealth Psychology show on Sylvia Global Radio, Emily Bouchard speaks with the founder of Broads Circle and their panelists for their upcoming meeting focused on the vital need for more women to be on corporate boards.

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