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Your family is unique.

Your family is special.

And, while all families have their particular challenges, there are some common dynamics and core issues every family with significant resources has to address. The key is in HOW you go about navigating the conversations and multiple factors that need to be discussed rationally, while there are also emotions about the past and the future inextricably tied into whatever you are deciding.

We are part of a ground-breaking study analyzing the qualities and practices of "100 Year Families" who have been able to successfully transition their values along with their valuable beyond three generations. Contact us if you would like an executive summary from the first phase of the research entitled: Good Fortune: Building a Hundred Year Family Enterprise.

With our collective experience, both personally and professionally, we interface with families and family dynamics with ease and expertise in a variety of domains:



With over 50 years of combined experience both personally and professionally in family business dynamics and family philanthropy, WLG offers a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and insight to our family coaching.

As family dynamics specialists, we have facilitated over 300 family meetings with as few as four people to as many as four generations and twenty eight people.

We work with multi-generational families, to help you:

  • Create a unified family legacy mission and action plan that incorporates the various interests and social concerns of your family

  • Improve family relationships, by increasing trust and effective communication amongst family members

  • Develop sustainable family enterprise policies and governance structures coordinating needs across the domains of business ownership, management, and family participation

  • Develop empowered rising generation family members who effectively manage their wealth and live fulfilled lives.



Article about Family Businesses: Contact Us

Contact Us for an initial consultation to discuss your family’s needs and to learn how WLG can be of assistance.



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Did you know that two out of three second marriages fail?

The reason so many partners in second marriages feel frustrated and begin looking for help (or a way out!) is because they do not know how to effectively blend a family. People who marry again, and people who marry someone who is divorced, are often not prepared for:

  • The role that the "ex" plays in the family even though they are not living together anymore
  • The pain and grief associated with the loss of the first marriage and family system
  • The ways in which children act out and express their emotions related to their losses and the new decisions that have been imposed on them
  • The power of guilt as a motivator on the part of the parent who chose to initiate the divorce
  • The beliefs and old patterns from the past that get in the way of greater connection and intimacy in the present

When there is significant wealth in the equation, the stakes are higher and the challenges become that much more complex, with additional issues to contend with including:

  • Fair vs. Equal
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Significantly different values and goals related to the distribution and management of the wealth and the roles people should play

Every family is unique, and blended families -- defined as those with children from previous marriages or couplings -- can present greater challenges when it comes to financial and estate planning.  When dealing with complicated family situations, cookie-cutter plans just don't work.

Blended Family Dynamics are multifaceted.  And, there’s much you can learn to feel more confident and competent as you navigate through all the complexities together.  

At Wealth Legacy Group, we are committed to having the planning for your family's future be as enjoyable as possible.


Estate Planning for the Blended Family written by Emily Bouchard and L. Paul Hood, Jr., takes the complexities of the "yours, mine, and ours" scenarios blended families face and makes them simple.  The book helps you make effective decisions for your particular family's needs in a step by step fashion.

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