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How to Have an Intentional, Values-Based Approach to Money and Wealth

ip couplesEvery financial decision and conversation is accompanied by underlying emotions that, when left unexplored will have a major impact on your outcomes.  This program is designed to alleviate the stress and overwhelm that often occur when facing decisions regarding spending, investing, saving, loaning and giving intentionally. At WLG, we are committed to do what we can to support you in having the healthiest, happiest most satisfying life you can… where you get to trive and help others thrive too!

  • Are you looking to gain greater awareness about your specific patterns related to money and how they impact your relationships?
  • Do you find yourself feeling isolated, guilty, or even ashamed because of the money and wealth in your life?
  • Are you interested in being more at ease and in a place of dignity with your how you make your financial decisions?

If so, you are not alone!  Unresolved issues with money are the #1 source of conflict and stress in people's lives, regardless of their net-worth.

Money is the last taboo subject in our society, providing almost no opportunities to openly discuss these issues.  This program provides participants the unique chance to explore challenges related to money and wealth with others in similar circumstances.

Participants will:

  • Understand the impact of money messages that were handed down to you, and how these patterns are at play when you interact with money.
  • Develop better communication, increase trust, and decrease stress and conflict (both inner and outer) when it comes to finances.
  • Practice new approaches to money that are liberating, fun, and support you to develop better ways to interface with your money and wealth.

During program, you will:

  • Learn about the 8 common “money types” and which are most prominent in your life.
  • ip womenDiscover how the passive and dominant “money types” contribute to breakdowns in communication and financial decision-making.
  • Explore simple, practical approaches to easily shift from one “money type” to another for more satisfying outcomes.
  • Define core values that are hidden drivers behind most of your financial choices.
"We were facing tremendous blocks in understanding and relating to each other financially. The 'money types' illuminated our differences down to the emotional core, allowing us to break through our blocks, and gain new insights about ourselves and each other. Without these tools we don't know how we would have succeeded in creating a healthy and mutually satisfying pre-nup agreement." 
SS & PS, New York

When you apply yourself in this program, you will consciously choose the best money personalities and behaviors to embody in various situations, providing you:

  • Greater ease and competence navigating even the most challenging money conversations. 
  • Dramatically improved relationships with money, and with the people you love.
  • Peace of mind with who you are and what you have.  

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