WLG Workshops and Trainings

This training is for you if...

  • You want to better assist your clients in navigating the prenup process successfully;
  • You have some concerns about how the prenup process is going (or not going) for your clients and you want support; and/or
  • You work collaboratively and want to have a less adversarial approach to prenups

Many attorneys are surprised to learn that even in the legal context, the prenup conversation can strengthen a marriage and open the lines of communication about financial and legal issues for decades to come. As the representative of one of the spouses, laying a strong foundation of communication around these emotionally fraught topics keeps the conversation centered around the topic at hand rather than devolving into a muddy mess where your client uses you partially as an attorney and partially as a therapist. The relationship  your forge with your client by guiding them through a successful and peaceful prenup process can lay the foundation for being a strategic and trusted advisor for years to come in estate planning, succession planning, business planning, business exit planning, and more.

Why is the HOW so important?

A great many attorneys can advise their clients on the legal aspects of joining two parties in marriage or a long term relationship, indeed many guides and resources have been written on the subject. Some attorneys are great strategic thinkers and can see where issues will arise in the future and address them today. Far fewer can take a potentially emotionally fraught issue and guide their clients through the process in a calm, systematic manner that enhances their personal relationship rather than damages it. The attorney that can do that is worth their weight in gold.

The Purposeful Prenups Process is a unique, proprietary, systematic approach to the HOW of prenups -- addressing the mental, emotional, and, relational elements -- while allowing you to bring your legal style to the table. Purposeful Prenups is designed for all those times you’ve sat with your client and thought, “if I didn’t have to deal with all these emotional issues, we might actually get something done.”

Interfacing with the Purposeful Prenups Project as an attorney has several elements for your consideration:

  1. Continuing legal education. We marry the legal side and relational side of prenups and teach it to professionals in a continuing education setting. This is the easiest way to get a taste for Purposeful Prenups and how it can fit into or expand your existing practice.

  2. Consulation. We consult on a range of matters including advising attorneys on specific cases, setting up systems in your practice, educating clients on the process and benefits of Purposeful Prenups, and modifying the way you have historically approached prenups.

  3. Referrals. Through our work with couples around prenups, we have significant call for professionals who embrace the Purposeful Prenups approach. An in-depth CLE training is being developed for attorneys who want to work Purposeful Prenups into their practice and are ready to receive referrals.

  4. Personalized Version of the Book. We have written “the book” on Purposeful Prenups which you can special order with customized versions with your brand included. And for a select few advisors who successfully complete the Purposeful Prenups CLE training, you may be invited to apply to potentially collaborate with us to co-author YOUR version of the book, incorporating your story, your approach, and what makes you unique in the legal world as a marketing tool. You can write “the book” in your jurisdiction, increase your expert status, and expand your reach.

  5. Marketing Opportunities. Participants who successfully complete the training may also apply to be guest bloggers on the Purposeful Prenups site and will be prominently featured as resources for people who visit the site.

Learn more about Purposeful Prenups Here - scroll to the bottom for excellent resources for your clients to get the conversation started!

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