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ip speakAs experts in the field of wealth psychology, Wealth Legacy Group presenters bring a fresh, vital message to both advisors and clients related to maximizing their time and resources when it comes to fundamental financial and estate planning decisions.

Presentations range from keynotes, breakout sessions, half day and full day workshops, and ongoing in-service trainings for advisors.

Emily Bouchard MSSW, is an engaging speaker, author, and master coach. She brings relevance and insight to her presentations from over ten years of working with affluent individuals, couples, and families. Fueled by her compassion and commitment, her presentations are information packed, interactive and practical.

Jamie Traeger-Muney PhD, is a powerful thought-leader whose presentations are insightful and inspiring. She engages participants with relevant stories from her own life, from her experience at Wells Fargo as the first ever wealth psychologist and in working with inheritors, families and advisors. Jamie’s style is professional, warm and authentic, bringing ease and results to her audience.

When they present together, Jamie and Emily create a dynamic flow that allows for embodied learning and on-going growth for all involved.

Speaking and Presentation Topics include:


  • Coming Out as an Inheritor: Being Proud of Who You Are – A Look at the Unique Challenges of Having Inherited WealthTM
  • Demystifying the Dreaded PreNup – How to Use the PreNup to Strengthen your Bond and Design Your FutureTM
  • Thrive & Help Thrive - Using your True Net Worth in Service of Making Positive Changes in the WorldTM


  • Women, Wealth & Worthiness - An Authentic Conversation about the Challenges of Being a Wealthy Woman in Today’s EconomyTM
  • Women, Wealth & Well-Being - Examining the Core Elements to Living and Leading a Fulfilling LifeTM

Blended Families

  • Yours, Mine, & Ours - Navigating the Complexities of Blended Family Estate PlanningTM
  • Conquering Conflict - Bringing More Peace Into Your StepFamily ExperienceTM


  • Raising Resilient Children - Recognizing as Parents how to Empower Rather than Entitle Your KidsTM
  • Money Mystique – How to Have Money-Related Conversations that Strengthen your Relationship and Empower your ChildrenTM

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