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Emily Bouchard is committed to stopping families from becoming part of the 70% who are torn apart at the time an estate transfers. She is a family, wealth, and money coach, and the managing partner of Wealth Legacy Group, specializing in the emotional impact of wealth in people's lives. She has been working with high net worth families since 2004 with a specialty in blended family issues and has facilitated over 150 family meetings. In 2015 Emily joined the faculty of the Exit Planning Institute as their "family transitions" specialist. She works collaboratively with families and their advisors to support family members through some of the most challenging decisions and life events they will ever face.

Along with coaching individuals, couples, and families, she consults with and trains advisors on how to respond effectively to their clients' emotional needs related to financial and estate planning. She co-authored with L. Paul Hood, Jr. Estate Planning for the Blended Family, and is the co-creator, with Emily Chase Smith, Esq., of the Purposeful Prenups Process.

Her passion, insight and systemic understanding of family dynamics — combined with her ease of connecting and joyful presence - make her presentations engaging, dynamic, and full of heart for blended families, affluent couples, and advisors who truly want to make a difference in the lives of their clients.

Emily earned a B.A. with honors in Child Development from the University of Pennsylvania, and a Masters Degree in Social Work from the University of Texas at Arlington. Wanting to better understand understand the repeated dynamics she witnessed again and again in families, she became certified as a Money Coach for individuals, couples and businesses in 2008 through the Money Coaching Institute.


"Emily does a wonderful job teaching the Family Transitions Section of the Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) program for the Exit Planning Institute. I searched for two years to find someone that was the right fit for our CEPA program. Emily's interactive and enthusiastic approach combined with her deep and trusted knowledge of family dynamics was exactly * what our advisors needed."
-Christopher M. Snider, Aspire Management, Exit Planning Institute

"Emily is an engaging and soulful presenter. Her "Eight Common Money Archetypes" gives us tools to recognize human characteristics and methods to counsel and help successful families and business owners. Our audiences love Emily!"
-Joe Strazzeri, Southern CA Institute

"Emily has a unique ability to immediately connect with you on a very deep, human level. It's because of this quality that I feel she is able to communicate what some might consider to be complex material, in a simple, accessible way."
-Yale Levey, CFP® Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy®, Managing Director, Next Generation Wealth Planning, LLC

"Emily's presentation on 'Healthy Relationships with Money and Family' was engaging and entertaining. The over 200 participants surveyed reported that Emily's ideas were very useful, they learned a lot and left with specific tools they could begin using right away with theirfamilies. I look forward to working with Emily. on future events."
-Taryn Annette Sievers, Family Wealth Director, Senior Vice President - Wealth Management, Morgan Stanley LLC



Emily Bouchard Speaking


With financial infidelity being cited as one of the leading causes for divorce, bringing up the topic of a prenup, postnup or cohabitation agreement can be one of the most empowering things an advisor can do for a client. While this is one of the most challenging and difficult conversations a couple can have, it is also one of the most important for their relationship. This interactive presentation focuses on HOW to have the prenup conversation in healthy, relationship-strengthening ways, and includes:
  • Role-playing, case studies, and an assessment to support advisors in successfully facilitating their clients' prenuptial dialogues
  • Research data and tools from family systems theory, positive and archetypal psychology, and proven mindfulness practices
  • Practical and simple approaches for navigating emotionally charged conversations


Using a complex and fascinating case study, this presentation explores what keeps couples from signing estate planning documents and otherwise derailing their estate planning process and progress. During the presentation, participants learn the common dynamics that may be lurking under the surface and what to do about them, along with:
  • How to negotiate major obstacles, including fair vs. equal, conflict of interest and communication breakdowns
  • How to line up estate planning goals with aligned family values
  • How to open up a dialogue amongst family members to allow for greater buy-in and implementation of the planning process


Every financial decision has an emotional component to it. Any time a client fails to sign documents, or avoids meetings, or reacts irrationally when asked about their finances, there are ingrained, emotional patterns that are causing counter-productive behaviors to occur. During this presentation, participants learn:
  • How to interact with the most common "adaptive strategies" clients utilize when discussing finances
  • How to predict, prepare for, and minimize emotional reactivity from clients
  • How to communicate more effectively with clients utilizing self-awareness and mindfulness practices


Family-owned businesses have a unique set of challenges and issues that must be understood and addressed when planning for transition. This research-based presentation addresses the key distinctions and emotional issues that family business owners and their advisors need to be aware of when considering the various options to transition ownership and leadership in a family business. Attendees learn:
  • Common emotions at play when an owner is trying to decide to transition & to whom
  • Key factors to a successful transition in family businesses
  • Effective methods to use to include and engage all family members

Emily has presented at organizations across the US including:

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